hey guys,

this might be one of my last posts for a long time. 
My exams are coming up and I prefer and need to focus on them rather than on my blog.
I promise you that if I've got something exciting to tell about I'll write it on here,  but for the moment my time will be for my exams.
Even my holidays will rather be a study break since I really need to get better grades in all of my subjects.
I hope I don't upset you or anything, I know that it is a bit harsh to let my blog down after such a good (long) period writing to you but I just think this is the best thing to do.
School goes first after all.

will miss writing here.



hey :)

Had a nice evening off with my Mum and my grand-ma, we went to Pulchinellas ( an italian restaurant in Cleveleys) which is actually really nice.
My mum and grand ma picked me up at school after my detention (got caught smoking so had to stay in a room with the deputy for 2 hours writing about stopping smoking), I showed the around my school and brought them to my room, they really enjoyed it and find the school really nice.
But not surprising, they find the area rather boring and cold (which is what I think since I'm here) you basically stick to your work since there is nothing better to do than stay in school since Cleveleys/Fleetwood is so boring.
Blackpool is actually the only place you could go to without being bored, I'll take them there tomorrow, I don't quite now the area well by myself but I know where the important stuff is.
I'm already looking forward to tomorrow, will sleep in the hotel and will finally have some good food+showers+bed,...
Will write to you on sunday,




I had two 5 hour long Art exams in the past 2 days, it was quite stressy and it didn't went like I wanted it to be.
I hate it, the whole year my work was alright but it just seems that I can't do it during an exam.
My final picture is alright, could have done better but it looks much better than yesterday.
I just couldn't concentrate today, 10 hours are way too much and everyone needed much less time.
Anyway, had a good day today, didn't do anything special, Paola went to that Rugby thingy so I couldn't go with her like I usually do.
I'm really looking forward for my mum coming this week-end, I'll have a lovely week-end off even though I stay here.
It's quite boring here, even Blackpool is not that interesting, really, I find Manchester and Liverpool (and obviously London) much better for sure.
Blackpool though, is better than Cleveleys and Fleetwood and there are a lot of shops back there but it's good that I don't go there that often because otherwise I would spend even more money.

However, will have to start to learn for my exams.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Perfect day today, it is so sunny and I feel so much better, it feels like suddenly everyone is in a better mood and I just start to enjoy being here (even though I always did) I prefer this school much better since it is that sunny.
Ready for my art exam tomorrow, I'll have 5 hours to finish my whole work off and I'll have to work hard and concentrate.
I would like to speak more to you but this weather is just too good to hang on the computer.
Talk to you later,

My room's view:

Taken with my iPhone and edited on Instagram


Hotel bed:

 Indian food 
 Hotel room view

 Breakfast at Starbucks

 Iced Caramel Macchiato

 Drinkin' cider 

All photos taken with my iPhone Camera/Vintage Camera, effects with Instagram/Vintage Camera.
hey :)

I had a perfect week-end off with my dad in Manchester, we had a great time and it was nice to come out of school again.
The main thing we did was walking around and shopping, I got quite a bit of clothes/shoes.
And how you can imagine, we went to YO Sushi, oh how nice is the food there? It's one of the best places to eat at + that indian place next to our hotel (Radisson Edwardian) + KFC which is the absolute favorite of my dad.
I really like Manchester, I wouldn't enjoy living there though, the atmosphere is quite weird and London is the place to be/live even though it's quite busy and noisy and stress and bladibla.
I decided to not do any home party/party/?? for my birthday but I'll just go out with ma' friends and we'll get pissed.
I know this is not the best thing to do but come on it's my 17. birthday and I would rather get pissed and go out then sit at mine and have a 'forever alone' evening.
Anyway, will organize a party in Melusina next year (will rent the place) for my 18.,  my dad gave me the idea and permission and I quite like the idea, it's better than at home since people always think they can do a mess at others' houses for home parties but kinda behave when they go to a club or café or whatever.

Did quite a lot of photos, will post some in another post so that you can see the photos better.

However, will have to leave you now.



Hello :)

This is the last post I can post before Sunday Evening, since I'm going to MANCHESTER.
I'm so looking forward, I need to rest since I'm exhausted, you can't even imagine.

Anyway, yesterday I had one of the worst arguments ever with my Physics teacher, I won't give any details since the comments he said were rather horrible and very mean and there could be consequences for him since he never apologized and the sentence he said is one of the most horrible thing you can say to someone (if anyone wants to know better about it, don't be afraid to ask me on Facebook) I just don't want to post it onto here coz' everyone could see it and I don't want to humiliate him on the internet, this could make me into serious troubles.
Plus, I got caught smoking by my tutor yesterday who told me to not be angry with him since it's his job, and I said something like "In 20 years time I'll say to myself "Why did you not listen to him?" and will regret it".
I could never be annoyed or angry about a teacher going on about my health and my bad habits.

I also need to write the 19. school rule 19 times which says: "Food and drink should be consumed at the point of issue and not whilst walking around the site. No crockery or cutlery may be removed from the Dining Hall." Basically I was drinking Coke in the square and got "arrested" by my houseparent, lol.
Some of the rules are just hilarious and to laugh for, but yeah I won't drink coke in the square anymore.

Will have to leave you now, Prep time is nearly over and I need to finish my school rules.

Talk to you on Sunday,



4.000 visitors, thank you 

Heyho :)

Thank god bloodspot works again, for 2 days there was a problem with my school e-mail address not allowing me to log on onto my Google Account, but everything is fine now.

this is what it said (I don't want you to think that I couldn't be bothered to write or whatever):

However, I'm so excited for tis week-end, how I already told you millions of times my dad is coming and Nadim is going as well and we might meet on Saturday, (last time he didn't turn up) but I hope that he will this time.
I also will meet Paola after "Prep time" (homework time) and will catch up with her, in last time we haven't been together often and I miss talking to her and I've got loads of things to tell her.
But how you can expect nothing happened these last two days, it has been pretty boring and sad and  all these boring feelings mixed together.
I'm quite progressing with my art work and my exam will be on Tuesday and Thursday (I'll basically have 10 hours to finish my entire work and stuff) so that is quite good.
I also promise you that I will post some photos on so that you can see how it looks like.

Anyway, Mondo's (that café thingy in school) is open daily now and it's pretty cool since you can chill inside with friends, eat a snack and just relax.
The girl that works in there (Julie) also asked me to tell everyone about it (SO IF YOU'RE IN ROSALL AND WANT TO ENJOY A SNACK DURING BREAK-TIME JUST COME ALONG.) 

I really need holidays now, I miss Luxembourg quite a lot and can't wait to come back on the 4. .

However, I've got to do my first language prep now. 

Will talk to you tomorrow,



Had a rather amusing night yesterday, even though the Disco in our School was empty and there were just like 15 people we stayed because there was nothing better to do.
However, me,Nadim and Alexa went to Cleveleys yesterday and didn't do anything in particular (there is nothing to do there), we just went for a KFC and Tesco (how interesting,...)
The good thing though is that the weather is really nice since yesterday and the view from my window to the seaside is amazing, if these stupid eagles or whatever birds wouldn't annoy me and hadn't woken me up, this day would've started perfectly.
Anyway, since I've woken up there is just one thing I'm waiting for, that perfect brunch we've got in school, this is maybe the only time at school they do good food.

I also though about changing my title (the mathieu guillaume one) but I don't know how, shall I change the font? put a photo next to it? it looks quite boring how it is now and some changes could make my blog look better.

Need to go now, might write to you later.



hello readers :)

I had a pretty nice day today, our whole school didn't have to put uniforms on since all the students who wanted to put their own clothes on had to donate £1 for charity.
The fact that this whole money is donated to all these children in need is really incredible and I think we should all donate more money to people or organizations which really need it.

However, today is friday so that means that tomorrow is SATURDAY ueey, and that also means that I'm going to Blackpool with Paola or Nadim or Alexa or whoever and I hope we will smash the night, if Nadim doesn't has his "mature or bitchy or boring" moments and if he wants to spend money on it.
I hope you all get what "it" means, since some people told me to pay attention to my blog because of school and teachers knowing about it I won't spell out all these "horrible" words haha.
And yes if you wondered why I put Paola in this paragraph (we are friends again, she apologized and hopefully understood that I'm not her dog or anything like that.)

Oh there's one more thing I wanted to write about, many people wonder why I drink so much Coke and one person in my school even asked me to write a post on "why do I drink Coke?" and I actually did think about it for some time, and nothing came to my mind.
Maybe it is because its like the replacement of fags since I can't smoke as much as last year.
Maybe it is because I drink it for so long since my Mum is "addictive to it" and she kinda got me into it.
Maybe though its because it tastes so good and is refreshing and I don't like normal water (only sparkling) and we've got no sparkling water in school? not even in the vending machines.
But maybe also it is because of that whole advertising of it and market idea and blabla.

This is Blackpool:
Photo from: here

This is Cleveleys:
Photo from: here

Anyway, I think that this post is long enough.

Thank you for reading



hello dear readers :)

I hope you're all fine, I'm quite bored today but I am in a good mood even though I had my stupid chemistry teacher who annoyed me again saying stuff like "Oh are you and Paola not friends anymore, do you want to change group?" being totally sarcastic and taking the mick out of us, and I was like yeah continue picking on me, I slowly don't care anymore, and then he said something like "disaster" don't even thinking he's the actual disaster in this whole argument we've got, don't get how this guy can be a teacher if the only thing we do in his lessons are experiments.
But will we do experiments during our GCSE Exams? No, so he should move his lazy ass and start to teach us what we need to know for the Exams for God's Sake.
(He doesn't even deserves this whole paragraph so I'll stop talking about Mr. "I'msomaturebutyou'renot").
However, I didn't do anything in particular today, learning for my Exams which will be in 2 months and hanging out with friends.
My new "obsession"  is Instagram on which I am the whole time and upload a photo every 2 seconds, I love it.
If you've got it add me: http://www.gramfeed.com/mathguillaume.
Anyway, this week end will be the last one in Rossall before next term, since my dad's coming to visit me next week-end and my mum+grand-mum on the week-end after.
I'm quite looking forward to this, I miss my family and friends so much...

Will have to leave you now, Business Studies is calling.



Made a countdown 'til my summer holidays, you can find it on your right.


Photos of London

Heyho guys,

5 PM 
I'm so sorry for that stupid internet connection, was about to publish the post yesterday when suddenly the internet connection went off.
I hope you're not angry since I kinda promised to write something on my blog on sunday night already.
Anyway, I went to Manchester today with the "International Study Centre" and it was kind of fun.
The museum bit though was boring (history museums don't usually interest me) even though it is incredible to see how people lived so many years ago.
The fact that Dinosaurs don't exist anymore and all these weird little birds is good to know .
I couldn't imagine a world with Dinosaurs, that would be so dangerous but interesting at the same time.
However, after these 2 museums we went shopping and ate chinese food (Paola and me), we had a great time and guess what? I didn't buy anything, I really need to spend less money otherwise I'll never find out how to spend money correctly and not too much.

Working hard for my art tie, I'm on my 7. or 8. question and I hope I'll get it soon, even though I think that it will never happen ;).
Half an hour left and I can leave for a smoke, I can't really wait for one it's horrible.

The Manchester Museum: 
Photo from: here

(Written yesterday, the internet connection is weird atm)

Heyo guys,

I'm terribly sorry that I didn't write anything on here yesterday night, but there seems to be something with the internet connection due to the weather I heard.
It didn't let me open anything, even Facebook didn't open.
I had a really good week-end, went to Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Big Ben, London Eye and Wembley Stadium (where we were VIP'S) haha that sounds so arrogant.
Even though it was a school trip, we had much free time and could actually do what we wanted without having a teacher next to us.
I didn't buy anything in particular since I try to save my money because I spend ways too much of it on whatever (cigarettes,food,drink,alcohol,...).
I did as well took many photos and I'll try to put an Album on my blog so that you can see them.
Anyway, I am quite happy atm, just found out that my dad and my mum will come over to see me (not at the same time) but like one week-end each.
This term seems like going so fast, plus I just decided to make a HUGE house party for my birthday (organized with Félix) just need to find some money and a good place, but the whole idea is well written down and organized.
Quite looking forward to that one (hope I can make it at mine) but my dad will never allow me to do it.
Even though I would pay attention to everything and do it in my garage (which is very cool and huge ) my dad wouldn't allow me to do it. (daddy if you read this don't feel attacked or anything haha).
Will need to get some sleep now, so talk to you tomorrow.

Thank you for reading,





Photo from: here
Hello people :)

Hope you're all fine, I didn't write anything on yesterday since my days are quite usual in last time and there's really nothing to talk about.
I'm working hard on my Art Tie atm, answering all the questions my arts teacher asks me.
Most of the questions are about her favourite films like: a streetcar named desire, Cabaret, Wings of desire, Faraway so long!, Apocalypse now,...
I always have to add a little review about the film and the main character.
However, I'm really looking forward to London this weekend, I hope we will all have great fun.
Apparently our houseparent organized some surprises for us, so can't wait what it will be.
The sad thing though is that Nadim and Romain will be gone by next week-end so that it means that I won't have an usual Saturday like I normally have with them, it will be quite boring and lonely.
But therefore my dad is coming the weekend after, and just about 2 weeks later the term is overrrrr.
Uey, can't wait til summer holiday, can't imagine that I've got school til the 25th of May only.

Anyway, will work on my arts questions now,

Talk to you laterrr.