hello dear readers :)

I hope you're all fine, I'm quite bored today but I am in a good mood even though I had my stupid chemistry teacher who annoyed me again saying stuff like "Oh are you and Paola not friends anymore, do you want to change group?" being totally sarcastic and taking the mick out of us, and I was like yeah continue picking on me, I slowly don't care anymore, and then he said something like "disaster" don't even thinking he's the actual disaster in this whole argument we've got, don't get how this guy can be a teacher if the only thing we do in his lessons are experiments.
But will we do experiments during our GCSE Exams? No, so he should move his lazy ass and start to teach us what we need to know for the Exams for God's Sake.
(He doesn't even deserves this whole paragraph so I'll stop talking about Mr. "I'msomaturebutyou'renot").
However, I didn't do anything in particular today, learning for my Exams which will be in 2 months and hanging out with friends.
My new "obsession"  is Instagram on which I am the whole time and upload a photo every 2 seconds, I love it.
If you've got it add me: http://www.gramfeed.com/mathguillaume.
Anyway, this week end will be the last one in Rossall before next term, since my dad's coming to visit me next week-end and my mum+grand-mum on the week-end after.
I'm quite looking forward to this, I miss my family and friends so much...

Will have to leave you now, Business Studies is calling.


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