Heyho :)

Thank god bloodspot works again, for 2 days there was a problem with my school e-mail address not allowing me to log on onto my Google Account, but everything is fine now.

this is what it said (I don't want you to think that I couldn't be bothered to write or whatever):

However, I'm so excited for tis week-end, how I already told you millions of times my dad is coming and Nadim is going as well and we might meet on Saturday, (last time he didn't turn up) but I hope that he will this time.
I also will meet Paola after "Prep time" (homework time) and will catch up with her, in last time we haven't been together often and I miss talking to her and I've got loads of things to tell her.
But how you can expect nothing happened these last two days, it has been pretty boring and sad and  all these boring feelings mixed together.
I'm quite progressing with my art work and my exam will be on Tuesday and Thursday (I'll basically have 10 hours to finish my entire work and stuff) so that is quite good.
I also promise you that I will post some photos on so that you can see how it looks like.

Anyway, Mondo's (that café thingy in school) is open daily now and it's pretty cool since you can chill inside with friends, eat a snack and just relax.
The girl that works in there (Julie) also asked me to tell everyone about it (SO IF YOU'RE IN ROSALL AND WANT TO ENJOY A SNACK DURING BREAK-TIME JUST COME ALONG.) 

I really need holidays now, I miss Luxembourg quite a lot and can't wait to come back on the 4. .

However, I've got to do my first language prep now. 

Will talk to you tomorrow,


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