hey :)

I had a perfect week-end off with my dad in Manchester, we had a great time and it was nice to come out of school again.
The main thing we did was walking around and shopping, I got quite a bit of clothes/shoes.
And how you can imagine, we went to YO Sushi, oh how nice is the food there? It's one of the best places to eat at + that indian place next to our hotel (Radisson Edwardian) + KFC which is the absolute favorite of my dad.
I really like Manchester, I wouldn't enjoy living there though, the atmosphere is quite weird and London is the place to be/live even though it's quite busy and noisy and stress and bladibla.
I decided to not do any home party/party/?? for my birthday but I'll just go out with ma' friends and we'll get pissed.
I know this is not the best thing to do but come on it's my 17. birthday and I would rather get pissed and go out then sit at mine and have a 'forever alone' evening.
Anyway, will organize a party in Melusina next year (will rent the place) for my 18.,  my dad gave me the idea and permission and I quite like the idea, it's better than at home since people always think they can do a mess at others' houses for home parties but kinda behave when they go to a club or cafĂ© or whatever.

Did quite a lot of photos, will post some in another post so that you can see the photos better.

However, will have to leave you now.


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