Hello :)

This is the last post I can post before Sunday Evening, since I'm going to MANCHESTER.
I'm so looking forward, I need to rest since I'm exhausted, you can't even imagine.

Anyway, yesterday I had one of the worst arguments ever with my Physics teacher, I won't give any details since the comments he said were rather horrible and very mean and there could be consequences for him since he never apologized and the sentence he said is one of the most horrible thing you can say to someone (if anyone wants to know better about it, don't be afraid to ask me on Facebook) I just don't want to post it onto here coz' everyone could see it and I don't want to humiliate him on the internet, this could make me into serious troubles.
Plus, I got caught smoking by my tutor yesterday who told me to not be angry with him since it's his job, and I said something like "In 20 years time I'll say to myself "Why did you not listen to him?" and will regret it".
I could never be annoyed or angry about a teacher going on about my health and my bad habits.

I also need to write the 19. school rule 19 times which says: "Food and drink should be consumed at the point of issue and not whilst walking around the site. No crockery or cutlery may be removed from the Dining Hall." Basically I was drinking Coke in the square and got "arrested" by my houseparent, lol.
Some of the rules are just hilarious and to laugh for, but yeah I won't drink coke in the square anymore.

Will have to leave you now, Prep time is nearly over and I need to finish my school rules.

Talk to you on Sunday,


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