Hello people :)

Hope you're all fine, I didn't write anything on yesterday since my days are quite usual in last time and there's really nothing to talk about.
I'm working hard on my Art Tie atm, answering all the questions my arts teacher asks me.
Most of the questions are about her favourite films like: a streetcar named desire, Cabaret, Wings of desire, Faraway so long!, Apocalypse now,...
I always have to add a little review about the film and the main character.
However, I'm really looking forward to London this weekend, I hope we will all have great fun.
Apparently our houseparent organized some surprises for us, so can't wait what it will be.
The sad thing though is that Nadim and Romain will be gone by next week-end so that it means that I won't have an usual Saturday like I normally have with them, it will be quite boring and lonely.
But therefore my dad is coming the weekend after, and just about 2 weeks later the term is overrrrr.
Uey, can't wait til summer holiday, can't imagine that I've got school til the 25th of May only.

Anyway, will work on my arts questions now,

Talk to you laterrr.

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