Had a rather amusing night yesterday, even though the Disco in our School was empty and there were just like 15 people we stayed because there was nothing better to do.
However, me,Nadim and Alexa went to Cleveleys yesterday and didn't do anything in particular (there is nothing to do there), we just went for a KFC and Tesco (how interesting,...)
The good thing though is that the weather is really nice since yesterday and the view from my window to the seaside is amazing, if these stupid eagles or whatever birds wouldn't annoy me and hadn't woken me up, this day would've started perfectly.
Anyway, since I've woken up there is just one thing I'm waiting for, that perfect brunch we've got in school, this is maybe the only time at school they do good food.

I also though about changing my title (the mathieu guillaume one) but I don't know how, shall I change the font? put a photo next to it? it looks quite boring how it is now and some changes could make my blog look better.

Need to go now, might write to you later.


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