hey :)

Had a nice evening off with my Mum and my grand-ma, we went to Pulchinellas ( an italian restaurant in Cleveleys) which is actually really nice.
My mum and grand ma picked me up at school after my detention (got caught smoking so had to stay in a room with the deputy for 2 hours writing about stopping smoking), I showed the around my school and brought them to my room, they really enjoyed it and find the school really nice.
But not surprising, they find the area rather boring and cold (which is what I think since I'm here) you basically stick to your work since there is nothing better to do than stay in school since Cleveleys/Fleetwood is so boring.
Blackpool is actually the only place you could go to without being bored, I'll take them there tomorrow, I don't quite now the area well by myself but I know where the important stuff is.
I'm already looking forward to tomorrow, will sleep in the hotel and will finally have some good food+showers+bed,...
Will write to you on sunday,


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