I had two 5 hour long Art exams in the past 2 days, it was quite stressy and it didn't went like I wanted it to be.
I hate it, the whole year my work was alright but it just seems that I can't do it during an exam.
My final picture is alright, could have done better but it looks much better than yesterday.
I just couldn't concentrate today, 10 hours are way too much and everyone needed much less time.
Anyway, had a good day today, didn't do anything special, Paola went to that Rugby thingy so I couldn't go with her like I usually do.
I'm really looking forward for my mum coming this week-end, I'll have a lovely week-end off even though I stay here.
It's quite boring here, even Blackpool is not that interesting, really, I find Manchester and Liverpool (and obviously London) much better for sure.
Blackpool though, is better than Cleveleys and Fleetwood and there are a lot of shops back there but it's good that I don't go there that often because otherwise I would spend even more money.

However, will have to start to learn for my exams.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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