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I had a pretty nice day today, our whole school didn't have to put uniforms on since all the students who wanted to put their own clothes on had to donate £1 for charity.
The fact that this whole money is donated to all these children in need is really incredible and I think we should all donate more money to people or organizations which really need it.

However, today is friday so that means that tomorrow is SATURDAY ueey, and that also means that I'm going to Blackpool with Paola or Nadim or Alexa or whoever and I hope we will smash the night, if Nadim doesn't has his "mature or bitchy or boring" moments and if he wants to spend money on it.
I hope you all get what "it" means, since some people told me to pay attention to my blog because of school and teachers knowing about it I won't spell out all these "horrible" words haha.
And yes if you wondered why I put Paola in this paragraph (we are friends again, she apologized and hopefully understood that I'm not her dog or anything like that.)

Oh there's one more thing I wanted to write about, many people wonder why I drink so much Coke and one person in my school even asked me to write a post on "why do I drink Coke?" and I actually did think about it for some time, and nothing came to my mind.
Maybe it is because its like the replacement of fags since I can't smoke as much as last year.
Maybe it is because I drink it for so long since my Mum is "addictive to it" and she kinda got me into it.
Maybe though its because it tastes so good and is refreshing and I don't like normal water (only sparkling) and we've got no sparkling water in school? not even in the vending machines.
But maybe also it is because of that whole advertising of it and market idea and blabla.

This is Blackpool:
Photo from: here

This is Cleveleys:
Photo from: here

Anyway, I think that this post is long enough.

Thank you for reading


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