(Written yesterday, the internet connection is weird atm)

Heyo guys,

I'm terribly sorry that I didn't write anything on here yesterday night, but there seems to be something with the internet connection due to the weather I heard.
It didn't let me open anything, even Facebook didn't open.
I had a really good week-end, went to Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Big Ben, London Eye and Wembley Stadium (where we were VIP'S) haha that sounds so arrogant.
Even though it was a school trip, we had much free time and could actually do what we wanted without having a teacher next to us.
I didn't buy anything in particular since I try to save my money because I spend ways too much of it on whatever (cigarettes,food,drink,alcohol,...).
I did as well took many photos and I'll try to put an Album on my blog so that you can see them.
Anyway, I am quite happy atm, just found out that my dad and my mum will come over to see me (not at the same time) but like one week-end each.
This term seems like going so fast, plus I just decided to make a HUGE house party for my birthday (organized with FĂ©lix) just need to find some money and a good place, but the whole idea is well written down and organized.
Quite looking forward to that one (hope I can make it at mine) but my dad will never allow me to do it.
Even though I would pay attention to everything and do it in my garage (which is very cool and huge ) my dad wouldn't allow me to do it. (daddy if you read this don't feel attacked or anything haha).
Will need to get some sleep now, so talk to you tomorrow.

Thank you for reading,


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