Heyho guys,

5 PM 
I'm so sorry for that stupid internet connection, was about to publish the post yesterday when suddenly the internet connection went off.
I hope you're not angry since I kinda promised to write something on my blog on sunday night already.
Anyway, I went to Manchester today with the "International Study Centre" and it was kind of fun.
The museum bit though was boring (history museums don't usually interest me) even though it is incredible to see how people lived so many years ago.
The fact that Dinosaurs don't exist anymore and all these weird little birds is good to know .
I couldn't imagine a world with Dinosaurs, that would be so dangerous but interesting at the same time.
However, after these 2 museums we went shopping and ate chinese food (Paola and me), we had a great time and guess what? I didn't buy anything, I really need to spend less money otherwise I'll never find out how to spend money correctly and not too much.

Working hard for my art tie, I'm on my 7. or 8. question and I hope I'll get it soon, even though I think that it will never happen ;).
Half an hour left and I can leave for a smoke, I can't really wait for one it's horrible.

The Manchester Museum: 
Photo from: here

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