Sorry for not writing yesterday guys, I've got really no motivation for anything anymore.
I just want to go home, and leave this school for some time.
My Exams were too much and I can't concentrate anymore and neither be in a good mood for a short wile because I just feel stupid failing them all.
I hope you don't mind if my post is quite short today, but I really need to get some sleep because I'll have to write my first language English tomorrow, and it's quite hard and I want to be as concentrated as I can.
Plus, the weather at the moment is just too cold and I'm freezing myself off, I'll have to buy some thermals when I get back to Luxembourg.

Write to you soon, and as soon as I'm in a better mood, my posts will be much more interesting, I hope.

Thank you for reading,


ps: don't forget my blog please, the views are getting lower from day to day.

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