heyho guys :)

I had 2 hours of a Maths Test this morning and just had 1 hour of Chemistry, I think that both went well and that's kind of amazing since I'm usually bad in Sciences and Maths :)
I've got one study period now where I usually should learn, but I learned so much for my Physics Test that I don't need to learn more since I heard that it is bad to learn before Exams because it makes you even more stressed, and i'm so badly stressed when I need to write Exams.
I also had a German Test today which was quite easy, like it was all about describing where you live or which food this Person likes and blabla, I shouldn't have a bad grade on that one.
Now I need to concentrate on my Biology, since this is my only exam tomorrow, do I'm free from 9-11 to learn for it.
I hope you're all alright and not too much stressed at school like I am.
Will talk to you later,

Thank you for reading,

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