I hate these boring sundays, when nothing is going on and when you just want to stay in your bed.
I also hate the fact that I need to wake up so early for school tomorrow, counting the days when I'm back to Luxembourg.
However, went to the cinema today to watch that "The War Horse" which was good, quite cheesy though but alright.
Needed to walk down for Cleveleys (couldn't be arsed to spend Money on a Taxi), and you don't want to know how freezing it was, English Winters are much worse than Luxembourgish ones (that's what I realized though).
I nearly have no time to write for my blog, because whether I've got school or I need to work or I am allowed out or stuff, and my imagination is missing for the moment. 
Anyway, will have to write my English article now, about "What I've always wanted to do is,..." and I need to persuade the other students so that they would like to do it as well.

Hope you had a great day. How is the weather in your country? Is it as cold as it is here? 
Would like to get some answers of you, would be quite interesting.

Here is a part of the movie I watched today: 
Photo from: here

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