There's nothing interesting to tell you about my day so I'll have to write about something different (since I promised myself to write an article every day).
However, our Headmaster told us that today is the most depressing day of the year 2012 (called the Blue Monday.)
I found this quite interesting and just googled about it, Experts found out that the most depressing day of the year is always on the third Monday of the year (which is today).
Many People are depressed because of the weather or maybe of failing New Year's Resolutions and debt.
So now I can blame my lack of motivation on this period of year (so I've got reasons to tell my teachers why I didn't do my homework, no just kidding ;) ).
I found that on the internet as well: As a result of a British mental-health facility's tongue-in-cheek formula, (W+D-d)xTQ÷MNa, where

W = weather conditions
D = debt
d = ability to pay off debt
T = time passed since Christmas
Q = time passed since breaking New Year's resolution
M = motivation levels
Na = need to take action.

Of course this is not a serious mathematical formula. It's a concoction intended to amuse, although also to draw attention to something that we all know from anecdotal experience: that "winter blues" are very real.
Read more: here

Anyway, I don't really feel depressed today, quite the opposite I'm in a good mood.
So, I'll have to write my article about "What I've always wanted to do,..." again because: "my article was too much of a story".
And because I'm such a perfectionist with everything what is about languages it will take me some long time to do it.

Here is how it quite looks like in England (these days are quite okay, because we don't have that much rain).

Photo from: here

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