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I had a very good day today with a friend called Noa.
Even though that rain outside is depressing, we laughed much and spend our times in cool stores.
We went to "LOFT" which is a store with a "wise combination of fashion and trendy products, everything the heart can desire. You enter with a specific purchase in mind, but then you stop to browse, pause in front of the CD shelves, try on a pair of shoes and finally you leave the shop with an item you just couldn’t resist."
I actually wanted to describe the store by myself but that paragraph is just so true, thank you for your great comment "good idea.lu"
When I browsed around the store I fell for these :

These ones were in the Store.
1. Picture from: here / 2. one from: here
This one wasn't, but found it when I looked for special phones on google and remembered seeing it in the film "Juno". 
Photo from: here

I love the film Juno, it is so sad but so nice as well.
I remember sawing it a lot of times, but couldn't get bored of it, the story is just so catchy and I love the actress.
It's all about a 16 year old girl getting pregnant, she thinks about aborting but finally changes her mind.
She keeps the baby but wants a couple to "adopt" it.
When everything is just so perfect, she finds out that the adoptive father will leave his girlfriend because he has romantic feelings for Juno.
After all these confusing facts, Juno needs to find a decision, she then ends up by letting the single adoptive mother Vanessa adopt the newborn baby. 
And it all ends with Juno and Paulie (the baby's father) playing guitar and them singing together, followed by a kiss.
 Juno with that "Hamburger Phone"
Photo from : here
Photo from: here

That was it for today, I'm really tired. Going to bed soon.

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