The perfect girl, (eventhough no one is)

Tavi Gevinson, the 14 year old girl.
Many people describe her as the new Anna Wintour or "the source of inspirations for many designers or bloggers".
Her blog thestylerookie is one of the most visited fashion blogs with its 50,000 readers.
Since 2009, Tavi appeared in the Pop Magazine, the Teen and French Vogue and L'Officiel.
She is a muse for Designers from Tokyo and is invited to many Fashion Shows such as Marc Jacobs' or Alexander Wang's.
She is definitely the next generation's fashion leader.
An applaus to Tavi, because she is incredible so special and has so much talent.

               1. Tavi at Alexander Wang's fashion show            2.Tavi at Marc Jobs' fashion show
                              Photo from : here                                                     Photo from: here
Tavi in L'Officiel 
Picture from : here

Tavi in Pop Magazine
Picture from: here

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