Hey ho you :)

I just had the best massage session ever, that professional massager came to my house to mass me for 2 and a half hours.
I feel so tired now but my back finally doesn't hurt anymore.
My day was nice as well, since there are sales in Luxembourg, everything is so much cheaper. 
I didn't bought anything in particular, I just went to a Department Store called "Auchan", it's like a huge building with loads of different stores, restaurants, and some other stuff. 
Oh and I learned much, (what I didn't thought of myself) but I need to get some better grades and my maths need to get better (sine I don't even know hat a Triangle is) lol.
I hope you don't take me seriously ;)
I'm so excited for tomorrow, going to Lee's place and going to town after, it will be quite fun though.
(I hope it won't end up too bad, haha).
Just realized that I was on ffffound.com for 30 mins now, looking for photos to post, I love this site!
You find so many special, beautiful, lovely, arty photos, and just fall for them, like I fell for these:

all photos from ffffound

Hope you had a great day, 
Thank you for reading.


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