I actually had one of the worst days in my whole entire life, it was completely terrible.
First, I remembered having an exam on the saturday when I was meant to go to London with my house, I also figured out that I actually have to do the exam and am not allowed to go to London.
My dad paid so much for this trip and the exam costs. £60, the problem is though that if I stay in school, my dad needs to pay the London trip even though I am not going and if I am going to London he has to pay the price of the exam.
After that, my lovely chemistry teacher took the mick out of me during a whole lesson because I couldn't do that shitty experiment and was always repeating how immature and childish I am and asked me about 3 times how old I am, at the end he annoyed me so much that I just said something like :" I am immature? I don't know why you're always picking on me, but you should say immature to yourself because I at least don't take the mick out of people how you do" so that he answered "My 8 year old nephew is even more..." "mature than me, yeah yeah we understood it, he must be intelligent then" I said.
So because I'M SOOOO IMMATURE I need to act like one as well don't I ? Well he'll see how much of an immature kid I can be, stupid guy.
After that (nooo I'm not finished) I found out that I can't go to Cleveleys because I need to go to the information thingy for London (but helllllllo, I don't even know if I can go).
Oh that whole thing is just too stupid for me, I need a fag now, so badly. I'm desperate.

Talk to you later.

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