Heyho guys,

Waiting desperately for e-mails to come in, or some calls but since I posted the CV's I heard nothing.
I hope they don't dislike me or don't want me to work at the stores, come on at least one shop will accept me...
Anyway, cross your fingers Matthew :)
I've got so much English Homework to do since my english teacher told me that if people wouldn't do their work for today they would be in detention, so I really can't be ar*** to sit in a room with my lovely deputy headmaster for two hours.
However, looking forward to got to Cleveleys today with Paola, we are really close to each others at the moment. And I am slowly organizing my birthday in Manchester, would be cool to do it since I can't go to Luxembourg for the week-end :( 
It would also be cool to have all my friends with me but I don't think that will work out.
Anyway, will have to leave you now.


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