heyhoooo guys :)

4:30 PM
I hope you're all okay. I'm pretty fine since I can go to London next week end and don't need to do my exam, I can retake it next year.
However, I had a cool day in Blackpool today (that's a change, since I usually always go to Cleveleys).
Didn't buy anything in particular, just Starbucks and yeah that's pretty much all.
I'm organizing my birthday, would love to go to Manchester with some friends like Nadim,Paola,Juliette,Anais but I'm sure that Juliette and Anais won't come since they live in Luxembourg and Manchester is too far away to come for the week-end, it would be such a good birthday though :(
Anyway, tonight is Vietnamese Evening and I'm quite looking forward to that, everyone's going to be dressed up and there will be a disco afterwards, I hope the vietnamese meal will be good.

6:40 PM
Just finished dressing up now, can't fait to go to the Evening, I hope I'll have a good night.

More photos to come...


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