Nothing special to talk about apart from that I went to see "This means War" yesterday at the cinema (that girl is just too perfect), it is just about two top CIA operatives who wage an epic battle against one another after they discover they are dating the same woman.
It was a funny film, I had a great time with Paola, Charlotte and Alexa.
Today I went to golf like every monday and went to Cleveleys later on, (fascinating, isn't it?).
Not really, more time passes more I feel like living in a prison in which you always need to come back at 9:30 and are not aloud to leave the school site.
Yes, the area is nice, it's sunny at the moment so it's fine and it's England (so it's even better), but that wind coming from the seaside just kills me. 
However, looking forward to go to London with my house (boarding with Nadim in a room, so that will be fun.)
I will retake the exam next year since I only need a B in second language to pass (and I had an A -nearly A*) the first term.
Anyway, will have to leave you now. Need to go to tea (nice food, I guess, lol).

Look how fit she is:
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