Heyo People :)

I hope you're all fine and I hope that you had the best week-end ever, because mine was quite boring.
We were supposed to "smash" the night last night but ended up watching Kick-Ass and went to sleep at 00:30, so that was my great Saturday Night, lol.
Anyway, yesterday I went for a fag with Paola to our secret place and we ended up talking about my blog and she said things like :"you always write about all your friends, but me" and I felt quite bad since she's a really good friend here in Rossall, so I wanted to dedicate this article to Paola.
She's such a good friend and I can always count on her, and even though we have our little fights nearly everyday and even though she takes the mick out of me 24/7 she's a really important person to me, one of these I will never forget.
Paola you're my hero, (hahaha, that's an insider guys, you won't understand.)
However, I'll go to the cinema later on to watch "The Chronicles" with her, I hope we will have a good time.
Okey guys I'll have to leave you now.

This is her:

All photos from: here

Thank you for reading,
and PS. I know that she's stunning ;)


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