Hello guys :)

I had the best weekend ever in Rossall.
I was so busy that I couldn't even write and I'm sorry for that, basically, I went to Cleveleys on Saturday with Nadim and we had a great afternoon.
In the evening I went for a walk with Paola and we caught up and I realized that she's one of the closest friends I ever had, I trust her so much and she's the person you can go to if you have any problems or something to talk about.
After that I went to Mondo's with Nadim and we met Alexa which was quite tipsy and she made me laugh so much since she fell all over the place.
But I shouldn't talk because me and Nadim ended up making Videos on photo booth of ourselves dancing around on Welcome to St.Tropez and got caught by our Houseparent suddenly standing next to us watching us dancing, this was one of the most embarrassing moment in my life but he just took the mick out of us the next day so I don't care.
I also realized how fast everyone knows something in the school, I could trip over a stone in the Square and 20 minutes later everyone would come like : "I heard you tripped over in the Square,lol" even though this example is funny sometimes they come with embarrassing things and you're like "Ehm, no no that didn't happen" although you know that it's true.
However, on Sunday I went to see an Ice Hockey match with some people of my house and it was quite cool, but freezing though.
Hope you're all okay guys and don't forget I'm back innnnnn :

This is me on Saturday:

Write to you tomorrow,

Thank you for reading.


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