Thank you wind and rain, for keeping me awake this night. I love you, and the person who invented sarcasm aswell!
This was like one of these "I don't want to do anything" days again, that means that I stayed at home and watched Series.
Actually I dind't quite stayed at home all day, I went to a "shopping centre" with my mum 'cause she needed new Jeans, and I bought this "Monsieur" Magazine to look for some Christmas Presents for my Dad, because I didn't found anything before Christmas.
And the magazine said "101 Ideas for Christmas Presents", but hey I won't spend 6500$ on a Vertu phone or 9800$ on this new Cottin PC, eventhough both of them quite look nice.
Haha I just had a look at the Magazine again, and there were Socks for 70 Euroes, that's like ridicolous. :)
Anyway, I'm so looking forward to tomorrow, there will be this New Year Party at a "Disco-Pub-Club" however you call it called "Melusina", and I'll go there with some friends, hope it will be nice though.
However, school starts on Monday and I'M SO HAPPPPYYYY (NOT), I would really like to stay some more time here, I'll quite miss Luxembourg. 
Hope you all had a great day, and wish you a nice week-end :)

1. This Monsieur Magazine I bought
Photo from: here

2. That Cottin PC
 Photo from: here

3. That Vertu Phone (I love it)
 Photo from: here

4. Melusina Club
Photo from: here

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