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Did you hear about that "The Pregnancy Pact" film? I just watched it and I kind of found it interesting.
It's terrific that some 15 year old girls make a pact and want to raise their babies together.
The worst is that the story is all true, it happened in Massachussets in this Gloucester school.
Teachers at the Gloucester High noticed something strange when several girls began visiting the school health clinic to request pregnancy tests, looking sad when it said "Negative" and "high-fived" when it was Positive.
Many people say that it is the "start of a new trend", how you maybe noticed in these MTV "Sixteen and Pregnant" series.
Some months ago it turned out that some girls got pregnant intentionally for this reality show, so that they could be in a serie, and probably get famous.
It is scandalous to hear things like that, since teenagers have no idea how difficult it is to raise a child, and how much they have to do.
Anyway, I'm quite shocked by this story and it won't go out of my head ;)

Here are some of the real "Pregnancy Pact" girls:

Photo from: here

This is the movie:
Photo from: here

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