Hey you out there :)

I've got so much to do for school that I don't even have time for my blog, there are just so many things that keep me busy so that I totally forget about internet and my laptop and stuff.
Anyway, I had 2 hours of Art today (during Activity Time) since we only have 3 lessons on wednesday.
And actually after a while I finally had Choir again, which means that I needed to walk in that ULTRACOOL Robe (red and white) in Chapel which also means that all my friends (or literally) everyone saw me and it wasn't embarrassing at all no.
Uey, I've got a sarcastic day today, I like them (and actually that wasn't sarcastic at all).
However, my Art Project is getting really good, I really put a lot of work in it (random applause to Matthew please, lol)
Actually, everything is fine apart from my blocked ear (I can't hear anything) and it's hurting so much, let's hope that it is not an infection.
Anyway, my motivation for anything is so poor right now, I'm not even capable to write an article in English because my whole "fantasy and imagination" is gone.
And if someone knows anything against laziness, please tell me it's so annoying.

24 school days until I'm back home, 28 normal days, 4 weeks, 672 hours, 40578 mins, 2434590 secs.

Thank you for reading,

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