Hello you :)

I've got really not much time to post today, so I will be quick.
Wanted to let you know that I'm learning chinese with my roommate and it's actually quite fun, since I can not pronounce any of these weird words.
I learned how to say good night, thank you, hello how are you, f**k you and stuff :) (naturally the first things you want to learn are swear words), and I know many swear words in languages like: Russian, Vietnamese, Dutch, Chinese (mandarin and cantonese), Italian,...
Okey, you might think that I'm quite stupid so I'll finish this subject now.
My Day was quite an usual one, since I do the same thing everyday (daily routine) as you may call it. :)
Anyway, how I said I've got really no time since I've got to finish some Science Preps, and "school is more important than everything" lol.
Will write more tomorrow, I promise. 

That is my chinese Name:

Thank you for reading,


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