Hello you out there :)
I've got not much time because I usually should be in bed by now (since I've got lessons tomorrow), yes it's pretty bad I know.
I'm so excited to go to Manchester tomorrow to meet my Dad, I'll have a great weekend and I hope that we will enjoy ourselves.
And plus, Nadim is coming over to the Hotel to see me (My Dad doesn't know about it yet, but he will and I hope that he'll be alright with it).
Anyway, I won't have any time to post something on my blog for the whole weekend since I've got no internet and because I don't want to bring my laptop (so that I don't lose it or something, because I'm pretty bad in things like that and am really absent-minded).
However, I'll have to do the last bit of my Business Studies Homework for tomorrow, so I'll have to leave you right now.
I'll post on Monday, hope you won't miss me too much (lol).

Thank you for reading,


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