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I'm in a good mood right now because I'm really looking forward to go to Manchester with my Dad this week-end.
I'll finally have some time "out of school", it is just getting boring here, and lessons are getting harder and harder and my days are completely full of lessons and learning, I can hardly have one hour off.
The worst is that my concentration just goes away after 2 lessons which I quite find awful, and if I'm not in lessons I'm in Choir (it takes so much time away, and I can't even read notes so that I never know what I have to sing and that weird boy next to me always annoys me saying that I whether sing too loud or don't sing at all, come on guy are you kidding?)
Anyway, I really miss Luxembourg, my friends, my family, home, MY BED, hot showers, good food,  people I can trust, my dog, and so on...
However, I hope this weather will not even get worse, because this rain is pissing me off and doesn't let me sleep properly.
Is the weather that bad in your country as well ? Give me some feedback guys :)
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This is the Hotel I'll stay in (The Radisson Edwardian Hotel), I really like it, it doesn't look that cool on the Photo though.
Photo from: here

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