Happy Christmas to all of you out there

heyho :)

Just came back from a little Christmas shopping tour struggling for some presents, but finally found some.
The one for my step father is missing and I don't know what I could buy, he loves Comics and Video Games but I bought these kind of presents so often that it is getting boring. Have you got some ideas for me ?
I'll have to wait for 1 hour now because we're going to a theatre with my whole family, the play is called "Sherazade", hope it will be nice.
Just went to the same shop as yesterday the COS one, found some more clothes for my Aunt, they are quite nice and went to Minelli for my cousin's new boots which are cool.
I'll have to "name" my christmas present now, don't want anyone to get confused.
So, I'll post something about tonight later.
I hope your Christmas eve will be nice and joyful, and that your christmas presents will be nice, (okay talked a little bit too much about Christmas and Presents, will change the subject soon :) )

Thank you for reading,


1. This is the play we're going to watch in some time

2. My favorite shop in Paris (talked about it yesterday)

3. The place we went to after our Christmas Shopping

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