Ups, just realized that I didn't post anything on here yesterday so here I am :)

I hope that you're all fine and that you're not too cold back where you live.
I just looked on Facebook and saw plenty of -10°C in Luxembourg photos or comments, so I looked on Google to figure out what the temperature is back here in the north of England and it's 3°C which I found quite amazing since I always thought that it is much colder in England than in Luxembourg but it is because of the wind.
Anyway, I revise so much since this week for my Mock Exams and I get always more tired and always more stressed, and my lack of intelligence doesn't help me either.
You should see my homework pile here, it's huge and I don't know if I'll ever finish with all my homework, but I'm doing my best.
However, tonight is Mondos Night (Mondos is the "Restaurant/Café/Bar in our School, which is quite boring but the best thing to go to on week days, and they've got like the best Pizzas ever).
Anyway, I'll have to leave you know and sorry if my Blog Posts are quite boring in last time, but since I'm bored and Boarding School is boring I don't know what I should write.

Thank you for reading,


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