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I had an amazing day today, went to town with Noa for her birthday and we enjoyed oursekves :)
Nothing special happened though, we just chilled at the "Coffee Lounge" and went to that Aldebaran place later on.
My holidays are quite boring but relaxing and I needed that relaxing part since my exams were horrible.
I'm also working on my Curriculum Vitae and Cover letter since school finishes on the 25th. of May for me, and I should take some time to work and get some money.
I never really worked at one place for a long time so I think that it will be a great experience for me.
I would be pleased to have a job or rather "student holiday job" at a clothes shop (if you can call it like this) maybe a more artistic Shop like that new one in town called "Capsule Luxembourg" which has a bunch of Urban Outfitters clothes ( you'll fine more informations on: here) or I also thought about the "Extrabold Luxembourg" Shop which is more based on Street Art, graffiti and graphic design books and famous brands like : Franklin&Marshall, American Apparel, Obey or Sixpack (more information on: here).
I'm not quite sure yet, if Luxembourg wouldn't be a good place I already thought about Paris or London, I'll have to discuss all my ideas with my parents and we'll have to make a choice all together, since I'm not the only one who has to make a decision.
Anyway, my holidays how I said are quite relaxing and I'll take my time to think about everything.
Hope you have a great half term and enjoy yourselves.


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Photo from: here

Thank you for reading (no better sentence found),


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