Had a lovely last day in Luxembourg, met up with Nora and her friend and gave my CV to 8 shops in Luxembourg (Paul Smith, Maje, Boston, Capsule, Bleecker Street, Thilges, Loft and Massimo Dutti).
You might not know all of them since they only exist in Luxembourg, but I could imagine myself working in all of them and would love to work in them.
I hope that one of these 8 stores will accept my demand and I'm waiting for mails to come in, I might go to the shops again (like in 6 weeks, when I come back) to ask whether they take me or not.
Anyway, I should actually pack for tomorrow (my flight is at 1 PM) but I've got no motivation at all, I'm sure I'll just hang on my Mac all night and check facebook and look for informations I could post on my blog.
I'm pretty thankful to all my dear readers, visits grow every day and a lot more people read it.
I should concentrate much more on it, but I've got so many other things to do and like my parents say "I'm too much on internet and stuff", I should really concentrate more on school since my Exams start in May.
However, I hope to get some e-mails in soon about wether some stores take me or not.

I was also pretty impressed of my dear audience :

Thank you to all of the people from all these countries, I actually couldn't belive it when I saw this.

Thank you for reading,


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