Heyho guys.

Quite a horrible day today, a person of my family died on her birthday and I just feel sad and awful and all theses bad feelings mixed together.
This person meant a lot to me and my family and it's just sad not to have her with us anymore, she left us too early and went away leaving good memories.
But however, life goes on and I don't want to talk more about Death, since it is the most awful thing that can happen to your family or friends.
And how my room mate just told me: "Don't be sad Matthew, if this person died it must be because it is better where she is now, most people leave this world being happy."
Anyway, apart from that my day was alright, it was Bow Tie Tuesday so I put one one, but hey, I watched so many videos yesterday about people explaining how it works and still can't do it, I feel quite stupid.
I also started to read a book called: "Bridget Jones's diary" by Helen Fielding, I bet you all heard of it, I'll give some feedback as soon as I finished reading it.
I hope you are all alright, and got beautiful Valentine's Cards from your secret lovers, even I got one.
However, talk to you soon <3

My Valentine's Card:

The book I'm reading:

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