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I am finally back to Luxembourg and I can swear that nothing is better than my own bed, hot showers and good food. I'm also so excited to see my friends during this week but I just heard that I can't see Juliette so that this means that we wouldn't see us for 3 months, and this is so bad since she's my best friend in Luxembourg.
But life goes on, and we promised ourselves that we will write on facebook and have more contact.
However, my week is nearly booked, and I'm looking forward to some great moments with my friends and family. 
Today, I went to pick a friend at her school and we went to her's so that I could help her to pack since she's going to London. After that, I went to see two friends in town and met up with my cousin to go to her favorite Café "Bouche à oreille" translated "word of mouth" after we passed some great time and after I explained how England is, Anaïs called me to ask if we could meet in town, that's what we did and I am so happy that she is still the same and that we laugh about the same things than before.
I realized who are my real friends since I'm in England, the ones I can trust, the ones I can talk about everything to, the ones I can go to when I'm sad, the ones I can have a laugh with and the ones that I can pass good moments with being myself and fool around.
Time passes, we all grow up and get more mature and realize that the things we did in the past are not right and try to change it, we also realize that only close friends count and that you can actually just trust the best ones.
Anyway, after my philosophical words (or not) I need a fag, I just read my Report and it is not as good as expected, I'll have to work better and improve my english grammar and my maths (ugh, I just want to cry when I read that word "Maths"), the last person you could compare me to is Albert Einstein,

Give me some of your intelligence please,
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Just about to start to read War Horse as well since my Dad was so nice and bought the book for me coz' he read that I need to read more (and coz' my teacher told me that it is the only way to improve my english).

Write to you tomorrow (thank you for reading (I get bored of that sentence)),


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