Just had a talk with many teachers about choosing between A-Levels or I.B but I still didn't came to a conclusion.
Many of my friends tell me to choose I.B but I really can't be bothered to study Maths for 2 more years, even though I can choose to take the lower level of Maths it just seems too hard since I might fail my Maths in GCSE's already.
I really have no clue what I want to study when I'm older (okay, this seems so wrong, haha) but I know that my principal interests are Languages and Art.
I also think that my school is really pushing on I.B expecting every international people to take it, saying that A-Levels should only be for English People which I found really confusing.
Anyways, just watched through a Course Information Booklet for Sixth Form and I might take A-Levels since I could choose these subjects: Art,Design and Technology, English and Modern Foreign Languages (a mixture between Spanish,French and German).
However, this Personality Test told me that I am a mixture between a creative and persuasive Person, and they see me in careers like these ones: Business Manager,Personal Manager, Radio/TV Announcer (lol), Actor, Apparel Designer (Fashion Designer),Art/Music/Drama and Litterature Teacher, Fashion Illustrator, Journalist or a Writer. 
Why these are all careers which would actually interest me and where I could see myself doing. 
So, do you know anything about the Sixth Form? Would you choose I.B or A-Levels? 
It would be nice if you could give me some advices if you know something about it.

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