Just arrived in school like 1 hour ago, I really missed all my friends back here and was glad that I saw them back even though "Fleetwood" is nothing like Luxembourg, I had some great memories here and the people I met are important to me.
However, I didn't miss this awful weather, the whole rain and this wind coming from the seaside.
It's quite a strange feeling to be back and to think about these six weeks I'll stay here without seeing my friends, even though my Dad is coming to visit me in 3 weeks time, I'll miss my family so much.
I just also had the worst day ever on the airport, I had to stay on the London Haethrow Airport for 4 hours without any cigarettes (because they don't have any Smoking Areas in London).
But however, I hope these 6 weeks will go fast and I can't wait to come back since I already miss some of my friends.
Anyway, the day finishes good though, my room mate just came back and brought me a present back from China, didn't quite now what it was till he told me that he has these 2 cigarette cartons, and gave me one pack. 
So, will go downstairs now. I will write a post tomorrow and I'll show you how my uniform looks like, and will tell you about my school "system". 

These are the Cigarettes that he brought me back from China: Double Happiness (quite a cool name)

Photo from: My Laptop's Camera

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