I really need to get one of these Polaroid Cameras soon, I'm so dumb I could have asked one for Christmas, but you never know what you would like to get when someone asks you (at least I do never) , and then after Christmas I am always like: Shit that could've been a perfect present, or: Why didn't I ask to get this?.
So I'll keep that as my birthday Present, (I hope I won't forget you, since I am maybe the worst absent-minded (or however you call it) ever ).
Anyway, I hope that you had a great day, mine was quite nice.
Like I wrote yesterday, I went to Juliette's for Dinner and we kind of spend our time on watching Film Trailers, and Skins interviews (since she's so addictive to it).
Do you watch Skins? Do you like it? 
I just know that this "Effy" girl is quite hot and I think I should definitely start watching Skins because many People told me that it is great.
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Photo from: here

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