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Had a chill day, caught up with a friend called Nadim, he actually should have come to Luxembourg for the Christmas Holidays but didn't because of various reasons, he'll come in Summer Break though (I hope so).
Anyway, I told you that I would explain a bit about my school and stuff so here I am:
Rossall School is an independent School and was founded in 1844 by St. Vincent Beechey.
The School is set next to Rossall Beach near Cleveleys and Fleetwood, it's like in the north of England next to Blackpool.
We are around 660 students, with different Nationalities aged from 2-18 years old (even though there are older students here.)
Like many other independent schools Rossall has a house system with each pupil belonging to one.
I'm in the Spread Eagle House, (the best house though, haha).
For Sixth Form we can decide between doing A-Levels (4 subjects) or International Baccalaureate (6-7 subjects).
I think I'll do the A-Levels, because I'm sure that I'll stay in England for University, I'll go to London first and if I want to do some more years of Uni/ practice I'll go to Paris.
That sounds maybe really strange but I've chosen the places I want to study at before deciding what I want to study, that's because I always change my mind or interests about things I want to do or things I like, or I discover some new things which really interest me and hate them/or I am too lazy to still do them  after some months.
So, I'll need to prepare my stuff for next lessons have got Physics and Business Studies, wow two subjects I really don't like and don't interest me at all, but I've got to do them (but not next year though).
So I'll have to work hard to get my IGCSE Certificate, or however you call it.

St. Vicent Beechey, the founder of Rossall School
Photo from: here

This is the Spread Eagle House, the one I'm in:
Photo from: here

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