Hello people :)

I'm totally knocked down because basically Tuesday is the worst day of the week, I've got 6 lessons (one extra Maths lesson, because I'm that good in it) and Choir later on (which makes me totally angry, because it's boring, the atmosphere is boring, the people are boring, the songs are boring, the teacher is boring,...) basically Choir is boring.
Anyway, this is also the worst day for homework, I've got so much Physics to do and since I'm so bad in Physics I won't be able to do it, that means that the teacher will be angry because I won't give it to her and blabla.
I've got to do some English work as well, which I quite enjoy since it is not that difficult and I love the language.
However, I've got to learn so much for Mock Exams (but don't worry Matthew, you'll pass all your exams, lol).
I'll have to leave you now because if the teacher on Duty sees me on the Laptop he'll basically kill me, so thank you for reading.


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