Hello People,

I know that I didn't write for the last 2 days, and I feel quite awful for it.
Please forgive me but I just had no time and even though that's no excuse, I promised myself to be faithful to you and so I will post from now on much more because I realized that I've got not as many views as before.
So nothing interesting happened, (daily routine how I call it) apart from that I went to Clevelys today with Nadim,Valeriya and Romain (a new guy from Belgium, he's quite cool), we basically just walked around, went to KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Tesco's.
Anyway, Today' is that Chinese New Year Party, since the New Year in Chinese is different (it is basically on the 23.01.2012) because this is the New Moon Day in China's Timezone.
This year is the Year of the Black Water Dragon and I find it quite funny because the zodiac sign of the year in which my Dad was born is the Black Water Dragon as well.
Every year, the Chinese people "make a Dragon" which quite looks like that:

Photo from: here

With this Dragon they also invent a dance: 
"Dragons are important to Chinese people who think that dragons are helpful, friendly creatures. They are linked to good luck, long life and wisdom. They have special powers so they can fly in the air, swim in the sea and walk on land.Dragon dances are performed at New Year to scare away evil spirits. Sometimes one man has a 'Pearl of Wisdom' on a pole and he entices the Dragon to follow him to the beat of a drum, as if searching for wisdom and knowledge."

Anyway, I've got a quite long night behind me so I'll have to prepare myself for the Chinese Disco (if you can call it like this), so I'll have to leave you now.
and ps: sorry for my Dad and Stepmum which actually use my blog to know how I am and I feel sorry for them that I didn't post anything. 

Thank you for reading people :)


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