Hello people :)

I hope your New Year's Eve was fine, mine was nice at the beginning and became worse and worse, but I won't go into any details.
I came home at 3:40 AM and woke up at 2:30 PM, and I am still tired.
I don't even know how this is possible, but seems like it is.
I couldn't stop thinking about all the things I've done this year, all the good but also bad memories I have, all my friends I had, (the ones I still have and the ones I don't), and all the little family stories which are quite fun. Since I am in England so many things changed, and I did aswell.
Any way, Just started going on random blogs and looking for some nice photos and fashion articles, plus looked at old fashion photography books on amazon, I should buy one soon.
I love to watch the difference of yesterday's and today's style, how everything changed, how people inspire themselves from the past, how the taste changed, and how models have to look perfect now but didn't quite before.
I'm quite curious how 2012 will be, what will be the highlights of the year, what new songs will come into the top hits, how fashion will change and even how my family and friends will be.
I hope it will be as good as 2011, even though some moments of it were not as good.
Any Way I've got some money left and I don't know how I should spend it.
I'm quite bored of wasting my money in cigarettes and food, I should waste it in something more interesting, more artful maybe. Have you got some ideas?

Here are some changes in styles I find quite funny:

1. 3 Men in 1920 
Photo from: here
 2. 3 Men in 2011
Photo from: here

 3. 3 Women in 1920
Photo from: here

4. 3 Women in 2011
Photo from: here

Thank you for reading and have a nice day, 


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