Any antibiotics for laziness please? I really need some, lol :)
My day was quite cool, met a friend, went to her's, came back to town, went home, learned, went to blogspot.com (the auto corrector always puts "bloodspot" on instead of blogspot, which makes me feel quite scary, haha) and here I am, wow just realized how cool my life is, and how much sarcasm I used today. So, yes 1 week till school is back on, I need to fully benefit my last week.
Looking forward to tomorrow, I'll see Juliette and I'll go to her place for dinner, quite miss all these "old times" when I still was in Luxembourg and when I saw my friends every day.
But life goes on, and the fact that I'm in England has some good sides as well, I see my friends only every six weeks and when I see them it's even better to hang out with them, and we are much more happy to see us now than before, because it's not "normal" that I see them everyday like before.
Anyway, don't get depressed Mathieu, thank you.

This is how my school looks like :

Rossall School is a quite good school, I just find the rules too strict, and it's ways too cold back there, but it's good after all.

Thank you for reading,


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