Le Marais

Hello Lads :)

Just came back from a shopping Day with my Mum, we went to "Le Marais" one of Paris' main localities for art galleries. Following its rehabilitation, the Marais is a fashionable district, home to many trendy restaurants, fashion houses, and hype galleries.
It was kind of fun, and you don't want to know to which store we went to: COS, yes again ;)
My Mum bought some clothes and I found a Scarf (since I'm addictive to Scarves, I need to buy one every week.) Yesterday's night was fun as well, we went to the Cinema to watch that "Oh my God" movie, it was all about a romantic comedy about the invention of the vibrator and is based on a hysterical true story. It's true that the film was a little bit stupid but it was so funny :)
I'm so excited for tomorrow, I'm going back to Luxembourg :) And even though I love Paris, it's getting a little bit too much, there are so many people here and it's so stressy.
I'll have to leave you now, we're going to the Restaurant. I'll post the Trailer of the movie later :)

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1. That is the place we went to , the Marais.

 That "Oh my god" Movie

The COS Store in the Marais

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