Arrived in Paris today :)

After 2 hours with the TGV or however you call it, I finally arrived in Paris.
I'm so happy to see my flat again, I had so many great memories at this place and I'm looking forward to got to the university in 3y ears time (what is actually a really long time) but I cross my fingers and hope it will happen.
I didn't do anything special today I just played the "fashion adviser" for my mum, she needed new clothes and her favorite Store doesn't exist in Luxembourg, it's called COS! don't know if you ever heard of it but I really like it, apparently it is the more expensive version of H and M but it is ways better you should have a look at it as soon as you are in another country (they will open one in Luxembourg soon aswell though, but you'll have to wait).
I went to my favorite store KILIWATCH later on but I found it kinda disappointing, it's getting more or less boring there, the things they sell are not the same as before and the clothes are not "special or different" anymore.
Sorry for posting so late but I had problems to connect my MacBook to the internet, and we had discussions with my family to organize Tomorrow's eve, Christmas eve.
Can't wait for the presents I will get tomorrow, I will take pictures of them and show you.
So, I'll have to leave you right now because I need to wake up early tomorrow to do some more Christmas shopping with my cousin and Aunt plus I need to play the fashion adviser (yes, again ;) )to find some clothes for them and I need to find a mission secret to go downstairs and smoke a fag without my grand-parents noticing it and waking them up (that will be the hard part, I wish myself good luck ;)).
I'll download some pictures for you in a sec, just need to find the access to internet via my iPhone (hope that will work fast.)

Thank you for reading :)


1.COS shop in Paris

2.Let Paris look like this, thank you

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